Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten Predictions for Advertising in 2010

1. Augmented Reality campaigns see furious growth with the launch of the “Preparation H Experience”.
2. Copywriters will opt to reposition themselves as alphabetic user experience specialists.
3. Privacy concerns will heighten as Google reminds you that you’re low on toilet paper.
4. Art directors will continue to produce beautiful work. Clients will continue to disfigure it.
5. Freelancers get a boost as the tide comes in on skeleton crew agencies.
6. In game advertisements will begin to detract from the gaming experience with the release of Call of Duty: The Money You Could be Saving by Switching to Geico.
7. LinkedIn and Facebook integration will lead to mass awkwardness in the workplace.
8. The industry’s downward spiral will end as clients increase their ad spend by 0.0012%.
9. The message will once again be just the message, and the medium will now be pamphlets.
10. Broadcast TV Networks will no longer provide “free” content and will now only be seen through store windows.

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