Monday, December 28, 2009

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?
Short answer is: you don’t get it. Think of it like calculus, or economics, or turn signals. Just stick to being a cow in the social media herd, with your tweets and your Facebook and leave the herding to the professional cowboys. You need to hire Powerize.

What can Social Media Marketing do for me?
What can’t it do? Powerize puts nearly half a billion Social Media users at your feet. Consumers, like lemmings, go anywhere the latest trends take them. And we make trends.

The first rule of SMM is listening. To Powerize. You’ll find lots of people out there telling you a lot of things. It makes you feel confused and anxious. Relax. You’re here now. Everything’s going to be ok now.

Your Basic Powerize SMM package comes with an engineered presence: active Twitter, Facebook and You Tube accounts, 500 dummy blogs, 2 hashtags, 3 memes, 6 viral videos and 15 ringtones, all with the content and design for which Powerize has become world-recognized.

Guaranteed ROI*
It’s a guarantee we couldn’t make unless we delivered real results. You think anybody else is guaranteeing ROI? Doubt it. With guaranteed ROI it really is a no-brainer to move at least half of your media budget into Powerize SM today.
*Really Outstanding Impact

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