Sunday, November 1, 2009

Join the POWERIZE team!

Congratulations on considering joining the cuttingest-edged branding, advertising and marketing agency in Pittsburgh, AdFed District 2 and the world. We're always looking for smart, well-connected, creative, in-and-out-of-your-box thinking, young go-getters to join the POWERIZE™ team.

But what makes you think you’re good enough?
How well do you face rejection and ridicule?
Is your spirit not yet crushed by the weight of the world?
Do you believe that hard work and determination can get you far?

Interns at POWERIZE could be our greatest asset. (Mostly they're not.)
At many agencies, interns are exploited. You don't get paid, you do the heavy-lifting, and in 3 months, when you realize what's going on, you're out the same revolving door a fresh set of doe-eyed cherubs are coming in. At POWERIZE, it's no different. Except that it's a lot different. As a POWERIZE intern, the keys to becoming a partner at a multi-million dollar agency are in your hands.

INTERN into a PARTNER!™ Program
Skip the maybe-you’ll-get-a-job-offer to be an assistant-this or junior-that part of the game and jump into full agency partnership. It's a meritocracy! Just bring in a multi-million dollar account to POWERIZE and your office is right beside mine. Technically, in mine, you can sit near the window.

Do you have your own gorilla suit?
Are you the dependant or spouse of a CEO or CMO at a multi-million dollar company?

Please rate how you would view the following intern responsibilities?
1 very appropriate to 5 very inappropriate.
Fetching coffee.
Fetching sticks.
Loosening lugnuts.
Providing clean urine samples.
Client lapdances.
Shill blogging. Lots of shill blogging.

Complete this application and mail it, with a portfolio of work samples to for consideration.

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