Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hiring a big-time copywriter

Hiring. Copywriters. Not what you think. It's a different kind of copywriting. And a different kind of pay. The pay is, well let's say the pay is surprising. But can you do it? You write good. But are you write good enough for POWERIZE!?

Here, we take the "copy" part of copywriting seriously. That's right hacks, copy and pasting from the internet is the first fucking tool in the copywriter's toolbook. Because no one reads beyond the headline, why write original content beyond it?
  • Can you think of yourself as a monkey chained to a typewriter?
  • As an uncredited cog when the work works?
  • As a fully-blamed wrench when it doesn't?
  • Does the opportunity to work with C. Thomas Howell make your clit twitter?
  • Do you like drinking?
  • Can you imagine telling your friends you write for Burger King, when you really write for Hardee's?
  • Can you take the excitement of revising ten words on a web banner forty times?
  • Can you handle the thrill of writing a e-blast? That promises to share a substantial part of the inheritance of a Nigerian Prince?
If we had you at C. Thomas Howell, then you're on your way. Send your cover letter and resume to POWERIZE! today.

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